Visit of the Minister of Interior and Government Authorities: Exploring VANT MBO.PY’s ISR Operations Capabilities

We deeply appreciate the distinguished visit of the Minister of the Interior, Enrique Riera Escudero, accompanied by his security advisor, Mr. Fidel Zavala, the Minister of Defense, Gral Ej (R) Oscar Luís González Cañete, the Permanent Secretary of CODENA, Contraalmirante (R) Cíbar Benítez Cáceres, Minister Mitic, Gustavo Villate, President of DINAC, Nelson Mendoza, Commander of the I BA, Brig. Gen. Aer Carlos Augusto Gómez Reyes, Brig. Gen. Aer Nicolás Ángel Narváez Retamozo, Commander of the National Police, Gen. Dir. Carlos Humberto Benítez, and the Chief Aeronautical Prefect, Col. DCEM Norberto Ranulfo Ojeda Ruiz, along with their respective delegations.

Their presence at our facilities not only honors Aerovehicles but also demonstrates a genuine interest in understanding and supporting the capabilities of VANT MBO.PY for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) operations. In the coming weeks, we will have the privilege of showcasing the outstanding abilities of this innovative technology in flight, undoubtedly playing a fundamental role in strengthening security and surveillance capabilities for Paraguay.

  • Visita Gubernamental - Berkut MBOPY UAV
    Visita Gubernamental - Berkut MBOPY UAV

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