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Based on the fuselage of the Berkut ISR, the Berkut OPA platform (Optionally Piloted Aircraft) is a single-seater aircraft built primarily of composite materials with an autonomous flight control system (FMS). This integrated platform allows piloting the aircraft completely in autonomous mode and delegates control to the pilot on board when required. With a load capacity of more than 500 Kg and a range of 2600 km, the OPA version integrates a wide and flexible variety of equipment, including LiDAR, Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), foliage penetration (FOPEN), and many others.


PropulsionLycoming IO-540-C4B5
Max speed425 km/h
Cruising speed380 km/h
Autonomy18Hs (36Hs w/ aux tank)
G Resistance+10G
Payload550 Kg – 1200 Lb; (LiDAR/SAR/M-Espectral)
Guide system/TrackingPre-programmed, autonomous, or direct control. IMU + GPS.
Range2600Km (4000 Km w/ aux tank)
Takeoff run1000 ft
DimensionsLength 4,7m – Height 1,9m
Wingspan8,7m – 11,8m (long wing configuration available)
The actual performance may vary depending on operational conditions.

The Berkut OPA platform is an ideal testing platform for ISR sensors and FMS systems. Its autonomous flight capabilities and versatile design make it well-suited for a variety of ISR missions, including surveillance, reconnaissance, and intelligence gathering. The Berkut OPA is equipped with advanced technologies such as synthetic aperture radar (SAR), LiDAR, and multispectral/hyperspectral sensors, which allow it to gather high-quality intelligence data. This makes it a valuable tool for testing and evaluating the performance of various ISR sensors and FMS systems in real-world scenarios. Overall, the Berkut OPA’s capabilities as an autonomous ISR testing platform make it a valuable asset for organizations involved in the development and deployment of ISR technologies.

Autonomous ISR Testing platform for ISR Sensors and FMS Systems

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SAR – Synthetic Aperture Radar

LiDAR – Light Detection and Ranging

Multispectral / Hyperspectral

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