AeroVehicles was formed to develop the technology originated by a group of engineers working in Santa Maria, California.

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Berkut ISR

Berkut ISR

Prepared for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance operations...


The Future

AeroCat is the second generation product to be introduced by AeroVehicles



The Captive Aerostat was developed entirely in Argentina for surveillance...


CALIFORNIA, Dec. 5, 2020 — Aerovehicles Inc. is proud to announce it has joined efforts with the World Air League® and [INVNT GROUP]™ to organize the world-first around the globe airship race: the World Sky Race. The responsibilities of Aerovehicles are managing Airship operations including construction, crew training, and logistic requirements of the Skyship 600

Argentina Leads Airship Team to Represent South America in the World Sky Race

July 2, 2019 – VILLA DE MERLO, ARGENTINA Source: The inception moment for the Argentina entry into the World Sky Race would fit into an epic movie script. Bob Fowler, CEO Aerovehicles Inc. and airship pilot, met Don Hartsell, Commissioner World Air League out in the middle a field in rural Argentina during the

Press Releases

Press Release: September 5, 2017 Bob Fowler Aerovehicles Inc. +54 9 266 470-7446 [email protected] Aerovehicles Launches its First Aerostat, Especially Designed for Surveillance Tasks in All Types of Weather, Including Arctic Winds and Ice The company seeks its place in a growing market Villa de Merlo, San Luis: During the last week of August 2017,

Aerovehicles Inc SA signs alliance (ISRA) with LSI & Innovage Inc. to provide LiDAR services

Aerovehicles Inc. S.A. (AVISA) Argentina, LiDAR International Services Inc. (LSI) Canada and Innovage Microsystems Inc. (IMS) Canada have formed an alliance to collaborate, through a strategic alliance, for the purpose of providing aerial mapping, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) services.