We provide airship services with the reliable and versatile Skyship 600. Our team of experienced professionals has been operating airships for over 35 years, giving us the knowledge and expertise to provide high-quality service to our operations.

Whether you are looking to use an airship for marketing, surveillance, or another purpose, we are here to help.

Skyship 600

Safety Skyship 600

Since 1984, the FAA certified Skyship 600 and has carried an average of 3,700 passengers per year.

The safety records of airships are superior to those of helicopters, balloons, airliners, or smaller aircraft. In fact, airships have the best safety record of any flying vehicle.

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Marketing Campaign

Some of the Skyship advertising campaigns have led to over 35% in market share increments.

Skyship 600 offers unique visual appeal, flexibility, and the potential to differentiate a brand, making it a valuable tool in a marketing campaign.

Skyship 600

Skyship 600
Skyship 600


Border Surveillance and Monitoring

Maritime Surveillance

Search and Rescue

Security Surveillance

Forest Fire Surveillance and Monitoring

Meteorological Data Collection

Police and Fire Department Support

Fishery Protection


TypeNon-Rigid (Blimp)
Lifting GasHelium (98% Pure – Non-flammable)
Payload1,000 Kg
Maximum Altitude1,800 mts
Cruise Speed30 Knots
Seats15 (2 crew, 13 passengers)
Length193.6 ft
Diameter49.9 ft
Volume235,400 cft
EnginePorsche 930 / Lycoming IO-540
Endurance16 hrs
The actual performance may vary depending on operational conditions.
Skyship 600
Skyship 600

  • Skyship 600 - Skyship Services, Inc.
    Skyship 600 - Skyship Services, Inc.
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