AeroVehicles is proud to announce the next evolution of the Berkut family: the Berkut 800. This tandem-seat, turboprop aircraft is designed for military purposes, light attack, counterinsurgency, pilot training, and ISR missions. It is equipped with modern avionics and systems that are customized for each mission, making it a versatile and capable aircraft.

The Berkut 800 is currently in the development stages, and some of its specifications may be adapted to meet the specific needs of our clients. However, we are confident that the Berkut 800 will be a valuable asset for any organization that relies on advanced aircraft for military, training, and ISR missions. With its advanced technologies and capabilities, the Berkut 800 is set to become a leading aircraft in its class.


Crew2 tandem
PropulsionPT-6 or Allisson Turboprop 800-850 shp (TBC)
DimensionsLength 8,9 m x height 4,5 m (TBC)
Spanning12,2 m (TBC)
Autonomy 10hs (TBC)
Range2500 miles / 4000 Km (TBC)
Cruising Speed250-300 knots (TBC)
Empty Weight2800-3500 lbs. / 1270 – 1587 kgs (TBC)
Net Weight8500 lbs. / 3855 kgs (TBC)
Resistance G+10G
Central Bay63“ x 35.5″ x 31.5 “ / 1.6m x 0.9m x 0.8m (TBC)
Avionics Bay51“ x 35.5″ x 23.5 “ / 1.3m x 0.9m x 0.6m (TBC)
External Payload2 external pylons for sensors + central line
Some specifications might change during the design and manufacturing process.
The actual performance may vary depending on operational conditions.
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