Aerovehicles Worldwide

Aerovehicles Inc. (AVI)

Founded in June 2002 as a California C-Corporation to develop, produce, market, and operate hybrid aircraft. AVI is the parent company of all associated Aerovehicles offices.


AVI Airship (AVI-A)

Specializing in airships and project management AVI Airship is the only operational group working directly from the corporate office since 2002. In 2023, AVI Airship will officially become Aerovehicles Australia Ltd.

Aerovehicles Paraguay S.A. (AVI-PY)

AVI-PY was instituted in 2019 for the production of the Berkut series of aircraft and to provide airborne ISR services for Latin America.


Aerovehicles Argentina (AVI-AR)

Sucursal Empresa Extranjera formed in 2012. Offers airborne mapping services, sales, and leasing operations in Argentina.


Aerovehicles Canada Inc. (AVI-CA)

Opened in 2021 AVI-CA integrates airborne surveillance and/or mapping systems to best meet client needs and provides airborne services for North America.


About Us

Founded in 2002 AeroVehicles Inc. is a California C-corporation and parent company of all associated Aerovehicles offices. The solutions and services offered by Aerovehicles include our manned and unmanned fixed-wing and lighter-than-air aircraft.

We emphasize high performance and capabilities with low acquisition and operations costs combined with the highest quality and engineering expertise in the design and manufacture of our aircraft.

Currently, we are dedicated to the design and production of manned and unmanned aerial vehicles, fixed-wing, and LTA (Lighter-Than-Air). We also implement state-of-the-art aeronautical ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) systems solutions in cooperation with domestic and foreign companies.

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