Infrared – IR

Aerovehicles as operator provides with it’s partner LSI (LiDAR Services International) any type of surveying, reconnaissance, monitoring and remote censoring service.

Fire Fighthing Management Platform

Aerial monitoring of fires in large areas in real time using infrared technology: 40 km or more under any weather conditions (day or night).

The airborne IR sensors used work in conjunction with a fire management software that allows to monitor and see the projection of the fire advance.
This favors decision making in real time before it reaches populated areas.


  • Decision making in real time.
  • Reconnaissance flights in afected zone to collect fire advance information.
  • Issue Evacuation Alerts.
  • Issue Evacuation Orders.
  • Firefighter deployment and help planning.
  • Monitoring and prediction of forest advance or large-scale fire.
  • Monitoring for national and regional plans to combat fire.