Aerostat – Tripanko

For some years now, surveillance systems deployed in hot air balloons have been used worldwide. The new aerostats from Aerovehicles allow benefits equal or superior to those available in the market.

Aerostat Tripanko design, rigid / semi-rigid structure and electric motors, allow it to remain stationary under strong winds.

In addition, Tripanko is prepared with security mechanisms for emergency landings that protect both its structure and sensor equipment.

It also has security mechanisms that allow it to land in an emergency and protect both the equipment and its structure.

It was designed and manufactured entirely in Argentina, in cooperation with INTI and BAaer, sing mostly local sources of materials and technologies.


  • Load capacity 200Kg extendable in future versions.
  • Ability to be moved to points of interest.
  • Remote Satellite Monitoring
  • Specific equipment according to various operations:
    • Radar of Wide Coverage AEW 360 (220nm / 400 Km)
    • TWS (200 simultaneous tracking)
    • FOPEN (Foliage Penetration)
    • IR (Day / Night)
    • Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)
    • GPS Navigation / INS
    • Satellite data transmission
    • Gyrostabilized camera


    • 24/7 Surveillance Capabilities
    • Border surveillance or special events
    • Filming platform for special and sporting events
    • Complementary to fixed radars with air-ground coverage
    • Waterway surveillance extension
    • Monitoring of strategic locations
    • Surveillance of Territorial Sea and Exclusive Economic Zone
    • Emergency Communications Coverage: LTE, 3G, 4G and Internet
    • Static aerial platform for SAR-IR sensors
    • SAR – IR equipment – Radar available according to needs
  • Aerostato Tripanko - Aerovehicles Conceptual Flight 2017 Merlo - San Luis - Argentina