Aerovehicles Paraguay signs agreement with PTI

Aerovehicles Paraguay signs agreement with PTI

ASUNCIÓN.- With a view to the participation of the Binational, through the Itaipu Technological Park (PTI), in a project-oriented to technology and knowledge transfer, a cooperation agreement was signed with executives from the firm Aerovehicles, an American company based in Palm Desert, Calif. The idea is to finalize the manufacture of aircraft in Paraguay.

The document was signed by Ing. Adrián Osorio, interim executive director of the PTI Foundation, and Gerardo Daniel Monzón Manzoni, president of the aeronautical company in Paraguay. Also present at the event were the CEO and director of Aerovehicles, Bob Fowler.

Monzón highlighted, after the protocol exchange of the document, his gratitude to the PTI, noting that this alliance is with the intention of announcing the decision to invest and provide technology transfer to the country, where it is planned to form a development pole.

At his turn, engineer Osorio thanked the interest of the North American company and mentioned the enthusiasm that exists in the PTI Foundation for the signed agreement. He stressed that Paraguay needs technology transfer to accelerate its development, especially in the area of ​​aeronautics for the production of aircraft and equipment. He pointed out that, from now on, work will be done on specific projects between the PTI and the US company.

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