The Company

AeroVehicles was formed to develop the technology originated by a group of engineers working in Santa Maria, California.


This group of engineers designed a new aircraft so unique it is unlike anything previously existing. The aircraft possesses the characteristics of carrying heavy loads, taking off and landing from virtually any relatively flat surface (eliminating the need for paved runways) and the cost for developing this aircraft is a fraction of the cost of a conventional airplane.

Because of the unique properties of this aircraft, its end use will be delivering disaster and humanitarian aid supplies, search and rescue, mobile hospital, combating wildfires, and transport cargo to remote or environmentally sensitive locations.

This is a new aircraft design with an endurance that can be measured in days, capable of landing or taking off with large heavy payloads from anywhere, whether it is from remote fields, deserts, marshes, harbors or waterways. Considering the development time and cost of this vehicle to be a fraction of what it takes to develop a traditional new aircraft, AeroCat will revolutionize aerospace history.

Company Structure

Head Office:
Aerovehicles Inc. USA – Sales and Administration – Palm Desert, California.

South American Office:
Aerovehicles Argentina S.A.- Manufacturing and Product Support – Merlo, San Luis, Argentina.

Management Team

Chairman of the Board of Directors
John Robert Fort – linkedin_icon

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) / Director
Bob Fowler – b.fowler@aerovehicles.netlinkedin_icon

Chief Operations Officer (COO) / Director
Jose Maria Vaca – j.vaca@aerovehicles.netlinkedin_icon

Chief Information Technology Officer (CIO) / Director
Franco A. Scillia Thost – f.thost@aerovehicles.netlinkedin_icon

Chief Technical Officer (CTO) / Board Advisor
Marisa Von Oertel – m.von_oertel@aerovehicles.netlinkedin_icon

VP Business Development – Sales & Marketing – Worldwide
Jim R. Thomson – j.thomson@aerovehicles.netlinkedin_icon

Sales & Marketing – Central & South America
Fernando G. Marchesan – f.marchesan@aerovehicles.netlinkedin_icon

Director Aircraft and Flight Crew Certification – USA / Board Advisor
Richard Jensen – r.jensen@aerovehicles.netlinkedin_icon

San Luis FTZ Facilities & Valle Del Conlara Airport:

Suppliers and sub-assembly manufacturers are located in the Justo Daract Free Trade Zone near the city of Villa Mercedes and Aerovehicles’ final assembly facility is located on the Valle Del Conlara Airport. All facilities are located in the province of San Luis, Argentina.