The Company

About us

source site Aerovehicles Inc. (AVI) was founded in California, USA, in 2002, with the purpose of designing and producing a hybrid aircraft, nonexistent in the world and with unique characteristics such as high load capacity and the possibility to take off and land vertically from any flat surface (including water).

Since 2007, we are based in Argentina.

Currently, we are dedicated to the design and production of manned and unmanned aerial vehicles, fixed wing and hybrid. In cooperation with domestic and foreign companies, we also implement state-of-the-art aeronautical ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) systems solutions.

Company Structure Head Office:
Aerovehicles – USA – Sales and Administration – Palm Desert, California.

follow url South American Office:
Aerovehicles – Argentina – Manufacturing and Product Support – Merlo, San Luis, Argentina.

Management Team

Chairman of the Board of Directors
John Robert Fort – linkedin_icon

enter Chief Executive Officer (CEO) / Director
Bob Fowler – b.fowler@aerovehicles.netlinkedin_icon

go here Chief Operations Officer (COO) / Director
Jose Maria Vaca – j.vaca@aerovehicles.netlinkedin_icon

Chief Information Technology Officer (CIO) / Director
Franco A. Scillia Thost – f.thost@aerovehicles.netlinkedin_icon

Chief Technical Officer (CTO) / Board Advisor
Marisa Von Oertel – m.von_oertel@aerovehicles.netlinkedin_icon

source site VP Business Development – Sales & Marketing – Worldwide
Jim R. Thomson – j.thomson@aerovehicles.netlinkedin_icon

VP Business Development – Latin America
Rodrigo Massaccesi Rodrigo – r.massaccesi@aerovehicles.netlinkedin_icon

go site Director Aircraft and Flight Crew Certification – USA / Board Advisor
Richard Jensen – r.jensen@aerovehicles.netlinkedin_icon

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